Thanks for your interest in a Talented Brands name. You have selected a great one.

The domain name you're interested in is one of our Tier 3 Brands. The name has gone through the initial stages of brand development, including the name design itself, preliminary trademark research, and logo design. It's available for purchase as part of a core brand elements package.

Branding is what we do. We offer reasonably priced brand design for clients looking to secure a brand name, web address and a logomark for their company, product or service. We call our service "brands on demand" and the domain name that you are here for is one of our 1200 clever brands.

If you are interested in owning this domain name, we offer it as part of the core brand elements package. The package price is US $6,200. You can purchase the domain name alone without the core brand elements, but the pricing schedule still applies. If you do decide to take only the domain name, the transfer of domain name is simple and usually takes about a week with the use of an escrow service (we often use

When you're ready to review your brand elements package, please don't hesitate to send us an email or call us at 415.794.4974. To learn more about Talented Brands, visit>.

Thanks again for your interest in Talented Brands.


Chuck Harris
Creative Director