Talented Brands is a design firm focused on the quick and clever naming of web addresses in an effort to provide highly effective brands for internet invested companies. Our departure from traditional brand design is that we forecast brands. This means we create brand names and their related visuals (such as their logomark) on a speculative basis. We call this technique "Brandcasting" and brandcasting is central to what makes us a new type of company.

With hundreds of great brands already developed, this web space is where you'll soon find a unique type of search-based web site that offers these brands to newly emerging internet companies. A user of our site will be able to easily focus their search to match their needs for a brand. Our goal is to make brand names available when a would-be client might first recognize a need.

The result is ready-to-use identities; brands-on-demand. No more searching endlessly through bad domain names and the expense of a high-priced branding firm.

In the mean time, please email us or call us and ask us about the brand names we have for sale.

Chuck Harris
Creative Director